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What are floods?

A flood is basically the occupation of large amounts of water in areas or regions that are usually dry. It is typically a consequence of the outstanding and more or less sudden contribution of a quantity of water higher than the drainage capacity of the area where the liquid overflows. Floods occur for various reasons which can be natural, such as rains, waves or thaw or unnatural, such as the breakage of dams built by human beings, leaking pipes in basements or other places in homes flooding them, etc.

Causes for which you can flood your basement.

Household basement floods happen frequently and what most people do is wait for the problem to go away on its own instead of dealing with it which does not help and can even have serious long-term consequences on everything. The home, below, will detail reasons why you can flood your basement.

The site: The place where the house was usually built plays an essential role regarding floods. Often homes are built on land with a particular distance inclination that does not allow water to accumulate. If for different reasons your house can be made in a low area, you will often face flooding in your home.

Type of soil and sealing: One of the possible reasons for a flood can be the type of soil or the sealing of the wall. At the time of construction, some inconveniences could have happened, and because of them, water can quickly enter your home. You should check if the flood occurs after the storm or heavy rains if so, they are clear signs that there are problems with the sealing and that immediate action must be taken.

Channel blocking the system: This happens every time the collector that creates the connection between your house and the public sewer system, if this happens, it is best to call the corresponding authorities because otherwise, you will face severe damage in its construction.

Drainage system: When a drainage system is defective, it is very likely that it will leak into the basement and finish flooding it completely. Either the down tubes are very close to the walls of the basement, or the drain is made towards the house and not outside it. The most prudent thing is that the drainage is on the street or behind the house.

How to avoid flooding in your home.

Sealing of doors: To prevent water from entering the door slots, a rubber seal must be attached to the door frame. When the door is closed, the most advisable is an airtight seal.

Sealing sliding glass doors: To prevent water from entering the outside through the sliding door slots. It is best to place a sandbag barrier between the outside and the sliding door and that a piece of plastic 2 or 3 microns thick and a little larger than the door is placed between the gate and the barrier made with sandbags. This is not recommended for levels higher than 3 feet.

How can we help you when a flood occurs in your home?

We at National Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning have to extract as much water from the flood as possible with our water extraction and flood cleaning services. We use equipment designed exclusively for this. It should be stressed that all our staff is highly trained for this and will always have a friendly relationship with you and your family.

We extract, dry and clean your wet carpets after the flood because the padding on the back of your carpets takes a long time to dry, saturating will end up smelling very bad and encouraging the growth of mold which is very harmful to your health.

We help you prevent mold after a flood by removing all the water and cleaning it quickly and efficiently since mold can start to grow after a day or two, so it is critical to act on the problem as soon as possible.

We can help you with drying your house after a flood because the sooner you can wipe your home, the better because only then can you minimize mold problems and even prevent mold from growing at all.

If you want to dry your house by yourself, we recommend using things like dehumidifiers, fans or heaters that will help dry your home faster, but first of all, make sure it is safe to be inside your house.

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