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Rugs have pet urine and smell unbearably then our carpet cleaning Palm Beach Gardens is the solution!

Well, the answer comes to us via a truck-mounted cleaner that goes with us everywhere.

A truck mounts carpet cleaner is a carpet and upholstery cleaning unit that is attached to the floor of a van or trailer.

The worker would stop the van close to the property, interface the vacuum hose and solution line hose into the machine.

Then carry the lines into the building, and connect a cover cleaning wand to the hoses so high temp water extraction technique begins.

The benefit of a truck mount lies with the client, as truck mounts don’t have to utilize your electric or water, so it implies no exorbitant electric and gas charges.

Other advantages are that truck mounts have a waste tank fitted so the specialist can take the dirty water away and it doesn’t wind up down your sink or latrine.

Unfortunately, just some cleaning organizations utilize truck mounts as the cost is between $10,000.00 to $35,000.00 US, so some companies cannot afford the bill but our carpet cleaning West Palm Beach business does use truck mounted cleaners.

The benefits to consider:

High Water Temperatures

The temperature of the water utilized is critical, and the more smoldering the water, the better results.

Since truck mounted carpet cleaners could reach higher cleaning temperatures, conveying water of temperatures up to as close to 300f.

For better results, the temperatures have to reach almost 300f, so the cleaning chemical becomes more dynamic.

This allows the operator to use fewer chemicals, so the outcome is a cleaner rug without any remains.


Less Mess and disturbance for the client

Everything we need is to bring a hose and as simple as that.

We’re not searching for plug attachments to connect the machine to or make a mess at the sink.

Not only have that, but none of your light or water suffered any increase in cost which normally is the client’s bill.

All that we require existing on the van, so you can appreciate the cleaner, dryer, more sterile rugs that are good looking too.

Even the best cleaning companies make mistakes which could lead to messy disasters which leads to unsatisfied results or worse a disagreement.

With a truck mounted steam cleaning unit, the risk is lower, since everything is situated outside of your home inside the business truck.


Quick and comfortable operation

I know it sounds the same as that less mess and disturbance but If the organization that you contract to get your floor coverings uses a mobile carpet cleaning gear, they will empty all the equipment from their van, and whatever else vital, before setting them up in your home.

Then they will set it in your home and with movement comes casualties like breakage of things and dirty the walls.

However, with a truck mounted, everything is prepared to go, so the worker could start cleaning not long after touching base at your home.

Which means they’ll take less time to take care of business and you won’t need to stick around throughout the day and roll out scheduling plans.

Pick-up is as speedy and comfortable as the drive up.


More Power

On top of having the capacity to warm the water to higher temperatures, the extra power that these unit have implied that they can give more stream of water.

Additionally, a more grounded level of suction, which guarantees the ideal cleaning work and your floor coverings will come back brighter and better.

These means that your floor coverings will dry faster which a portable machine won’t do.

Steam cleaning victorious

The best method to date is steam cleaning because you could clean the floor coverings, carpets, upholstery, textile, and most makers of these steam cleaning items suggest it over different kinds of cleaning like natural, dry carpet cleaning, and DIY.

Numerous individuals are not comfortable with the cleaning of these things at high temp, yet that isn’t valid because once the work transpires, your carpets will look and smell heavenly.


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