Looking for Tile Cleaning in Boynton Beach?

National Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning has been providing world class tile cleaning in Boynton Beach and all surrounding areas for over 27 happy years. If you have dirty, unsightly tile and you would like them to be cleaned, then consider having them professionally cleaned by us. Tile cleaning has been an available service since the early 1900s and is used by millions each year to keep their homes looking and feeling clean. Seeing your tile & grout switch from dirty and stained to clean and fresh will forever put a smile on your face.

tile cleaning boynton beach

There are many different types of floor cleaning equipment available to get your tile clean from all the years of built up dirt and debris. Some of the equipment works better then others while even costing the homeowner less.  We always use the best rated equipment with the most powerful motors. The better the desired results are, in this case its that your tile and grout stays clean for longer, the more expensive the equipment must be. We promise to treat each and every customer like family and because of that we have earned a 5-star google rating and achieved a Trippe A rating with the better business bureau. Also we always give a friendly call a day or so after the job is completed to make sure our customers are happy with our work!

We made the decision to always use the highest quality equipment. In this industry, high quality means expensive but it’s the power of our equipment that truly separates us from all of the local competitors who use cheaper, portable units. The trucks and high velocity pumps that we send to your home cost us $60,000 each! If you value quality over quantity, we are the ideal company for you! In addition to tiles we also offer carpet cleaning in Boynton and surrounding towns.

Call now to speak with a cleaning expert and schedule your visit where we clean a small section of your tile. If you like it, we clean the rest of the floor. If not, we leave no questions asked. Let us prove our claims to you as we have done for thousands of your local residents.  You have nothing to lose! 561-731-5889