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We have a very positive perception of people well predisposed to perform tasks of order and cleanliness, from the outside always seems a good thing, at all levels of activity of the person concerning cleaning, but this is not true for the person itself and for those around you. Like practically everything in this life, excessive cleaning becomes a psychological problem that not only affects the person in himself but also affects in a reasonable degree the people who live with it.

People can dedicate themselves to cleaning on their own or hire a cleaning service that meets their expectations. A professional carpet cleaning service, for example, can become a permanent ally. It is known as an obsession to “a psychic disturbance produced by a fixed idea, which with tenacious persistence assaults the mind.” And an obsessive behavior is a “recurrent and repetitive action that has a beginning in a pending matter registered by the mind that has not been resolved.”

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This thought, behavior or feeling appears without being conscious, against the will, so getting rid of it becomes a complicated task, which requires considerable effort and perseverance as it dominates the rest of thoughts and accompanies it with a feeling, which varies depending on the situation and moment, such as doubt, sadness, anger, remorse. If a person hires a professional carpet cleaning service three times a week, we can detect a problem.

How to detect problems of obsession with cleanliness?

Usually, the psychological problems related to order and cleanliness are typically detected by a third person, since the person in question is not conscious in small degrees of obsession with cleanliness, although it can be when this obsession develops and begins to increase. They are signals that warn us that something is not right.

People who begin to suffer problems of obsession with cleanliness and order are people with a definite, repetitive character, people who turn to clean as an escape route and who live repetitively. These repetitive actions are daily cleaning, homework schedules with fixed schedules, sedentary lifestyle and lack of social life, constant mood swings, mainly produced by variations in the order and cleanliness of the home, etc.

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What are the consequences of these disorders?

The consequences caused by something as helpless as a psychological disorder of cleanliness can be more severe than at first may seem depression, stress, insomnia, overweight, lack of sexual appetite, problems relating, etc.

Also, its consequences go beyond the person himself, since the people who live with it, also suffer these consequences directly, because any alteration of cleanliness or order will result in persuasive arguments or fights. Therefore, psychological damage to third parties is quite essential. This type of problems tend to increase if they are not controlled, therefore, as soon as it is detected, action must be taken so that the problem does not get worse.

What to do with people who have an obsession with cleanliness?

As soon as we detect any hint of psychological mania for cleanliness, we must follow a series of guidelines to try to diminish, and even avoid this type of problem. For this, the main thing will be to raise the person’s awareness of their issue. Perhaps this is the most difficult step to achieve since there are people who are not aware of it. Some people do not even want to recognize it, so we must make them see the reality, and that come into being, always in a pleasant, understanding and showing empathy.

From this, it is necessary to complement the actions of the problem with activities such as, for example, talking a lot with the person in question, since this type of people is usually people with little social life. Besides, we must encourage you to perform more social actions to clean, so that your brain is kept busy and there are stimuli related to happiness and well-being.

Going out and doing leisure activities outside the home is also very important, as it acts directly against depression and sedentary lifestyle. It is essential for the actions of people around to help a person with problems of obsession with order and cleanliness, in extreme cases, it is always better to use a psychologist to start therapy.

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