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Cardboard is little by little becoming a material trend used in furniture

The cardboard that is used for boxes and packaging and that is hardly paid attention can be transformed into a bed, a table, a chair, a sofa, a lamp, a hanger, a bookshelf, a camping tent, and even a kayak. The use of cardboard to manufacture furniture is a trend that is spreading all over the world in countries such as Italy, France, Germany, the United States, Argentina, Brazil, and Spain. More and more companies are engaged in the design, manufacture, and sale of furniture, accessories and cardboard accessories. The furniture cleaning also revolutionizes the creation of these elements.

Although it may seem like a new concept, it is not. The architect Frank Gehry, winner of the Pritzker Prize, developed two lines of cardboard furniture from 1969 to 1972. Even so, the use of this versatile material with which to create all kinds of furniture is still very unknown. “The furniture made with cardboard is not only decorative items but is fully functional, as well as resistant, lightweight, removable, foldable and 100% recyclable,” says architect Nacho Bautista. Many innovators from developed cities have bet on the industry of this type of furniture, as well as furniture cleaning in West Palm Beach, for example.

Always green

One of the biggest concerns of 21st-century society has to do with the environment. One of the goals is to get materials that pollute as little as possible and that involve a controllable energy expenditure. Recycling is one of the solutions. Of course, it does not seem appropriate to use recycled materials for all users. For example, furniture, usually associated with wood.

But as another of the signs of this century has to do with innovation, some surprising and very ecological materials such as cardboard have appeared. It is possible to design and manufacture furniture of all kinds with recycled cardboard because, against all the odds, it is a surprisingly resistant material. The material is formed by several superimposed layers of paper, which gives it the resistance of which it presumes. The appearance comes from the upper layer, which can receive a different finish and can also be printed and even painted.

Thanks to these characteristics, it is possible to manufacture exciting designs for all types of accessories and pieces of furniture. The cardboard must be kept away from moisture. The result is enjoyable and also very cheap. There is only one snag, which is a less long-lived material than wood or aluminum, so they have to be replaced more frequently. But as it is more economical and non-polluting, the cost at all levels is much lower.

Types of furniture


Cardboard is little by little becoming a material trend used in furniture

Another equally sustainable and much more comfortable option is to look for cardboard furniture online. There are more possibilities than you probably imagine. Because it is becoming trend material. For example, you can choose furniture for the children’s room: chairs and tables to acquire sustainable awareness from a young age. You can also select a shelf with an original tree shape. A chair, a table or a cardboard shelf supports the weight of a person and use it with the same response as another made with wood pellets or plastic materials.

And if you want more complex furniture for adults, you can choose the modular shelving. It is light, very resistant and functional since it allows to personalize the storage space. Other shelves are made with a honeycomb structure to make it more resilient. There are armchairs and backrests with frames for mirrors that can hang or rest. They are perfect for the entrance or the bedroom of any house that decides to be sustainable. Many online stores have some pieces of recycled cardboard. I really liked the cardboard rocking chair specially designed for children.

Anyone can equip a house just with cardboard furniture, incredible as it may seem. Even in the bathroom, if the appropriate protections are applied. They can be painted, laminated and combined with other ecological materials. The cardboard furniture is fully functional with an equal or similar use to any standard furniture, with the logical and inherent limitations of the equipment. The resistance to fire and humidity could be solved by applying water and fire tests. Many companies prefer to respect the material and dispense with the alterations that distort the raw material, managing to design and manufacture many pieces of furniture such as chairs, tables, desks, shelves, wardrobes, cabinets, shoemakers, stools.

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