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The smell is not given as much attention as the other senses. And he does not deserve it, because we use our sense of smell more than we think. For example, the flavor of a product is determined by its smell by 90%. Our language only can perceive the salty, acidic, bitter and sweet flavors. Without knowing it, the scent forms an essential part in our perception capacity. The unpleasant odor removal has a fundamental role in our daily life.

There are senses such as sight or hearing that can be debatable in the mind that many people understand that they are subject to physical variables. But in the case of the sense of smell, until now we had not paid attention to a possible systematization of the fragrances that we perceive and how those perceptions can be linked to physical phenomena.

The smell is the determining effect for the attraction between sexes. However, this happens unconsciously, since the scent cannot be detected. Because of this, various types of odors are often added to perfumes. Perfumes are related to pleasant smells. The unpleasant odor removal makes both men and women feel more comfortable in a


Odor removal services on all type of upholstery

particular environment. The Fundamental Histocompatibility Complex (FHC) clearly influences the type of smell that a woman finds attractive in a man. Mainly men who have an FHC other than female FHC are those who attract women.


What do the smells do?

Odors can do more than merely remind people of images or sounds. This is because our nasal organ is in direct contact with the system where our memory and emotions are centered. That’s why smells are often related to moods.

For example, when you have been smelling a stench all day, you will be in a terrible mood, but when you arrive in a forest, you often feel peaceful and calm. Because of these effects the incense stick wrappers often have an inscription that tells you how that particular smell will affect your mood.

Unlike humans, animals make extensive use of their sense of smell. For example, animals use odor to mark their territory and to attract their congeners of the opposite sex. Animals have a more significant response to odors because they use their sense of smell very frequently. When a male smells a female in heat, he will respond to this very passionately.

In the odor industries, an attempt has been made to find the definitely attractive aroma, but this has not yet been discovered. The smells can be very unpleasant. An unpleasant smell is the one that goes around the farms of cows and pigs. To avoid odors in a farm, the air can be washed with an absorbent, which eliminates compounds that cause odor problems.


Odor removal services on all type of upholstery

Studies have shown that the memories detonated by the aromas are often stronger than those evoked by sounds or images and are regularly from your childhood, before 10 years of age. This is the reason why smelling a certain sweet brings you back to your days in elementary school.

When experiencing a memory triggered by smell, you will usually remember sensations rather than a detailed account of a particular mind. These memories are different from the others because the smells are processed by your olfactory bulb, which in turn, is connected to your amygdala and hippocampus that are parts of the brain that deal with memories and emotions.

The discomfort of the smell

Odor problems can cause both physical and mental effects (health effects and negative experiences). A direct relationship between the odor of the substances and their toxicity, expressed as pathogenic effects, has not been determined. However, physiological non-toxicological reactions have been observed caused by odors acting on the central or peripheral nervous system.

From the questionnaires and the events, we can determine that periods of odor nuisance are often related to headaches, nausea, sleep disturbances, loss of appetite and stress. It has not yet been specified if flora and fauna are influenced by contact with human aromatic substances.

Odor problems can have economic effects. The effects can be caused, for example, by a decrease in employee productivity (such as a decrease in concentration capacity), a loss of customers in shopping centers and a reduction in the value of real estate in areas that suffer discomfort from odor.

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