At National Carpet Upholstery Cleaning, we understand that your delicate fabrics are costly investment and unlike regular rugs, they are able to last hundreds of years or even more through proper rug cleaning in Lake Worth services. We handle your item with proper attention and care and ensure that your rug is carefully treated by our specialists, trained, certified and experienced team through unique and gentle cleaning solutions.

Are you making a valuable investment?

We also work with process combining and new technology that is powerful and can get your rug cleaned to loosen the dirt by force. Washing the rugs need lugging it down to a river or submerge it while holding it tight so that the current don’t carry it away. However, these processes only improve the appearance of the rug with varying range. We understand that your rugs are not just art treasure rather is also a valuable investment. This is why we clean them using the basic element of water and air, and customizing the process for the need of each rug.

Through equipment and patented tools designed particularly for cleaning purpose, we provide an effective and thorough yet gentle rug cleaning in Lake Worth that is powerful and soft. Taking into account the specific construction, soils, dyes, fibres of the rug, we draw out solutions from a huge number of cleaning techniques.

Fine rug cleaning throughout Lake Worth

Our Lake Worth rug cleaning service is designed to provide with the cleaning services. Whether it is heirloom, antique or oriental rugs, we specialize in compressed air and hand washing to clean designer area rugs. Our customer selects us not only because of our efficient cleaning solution, but rather also for our focus on using different cleaning techniques that are safe for the owner and also for the rug.

Why centrifuge drying process

Our rug cleaning method centres on rug washing using gentle paddle water & wheel. Here the rugs are submerged and water pushing method is used which cleans through without scrubbing. This is also called the centrifuge drying process which dries your rug and is rinsed with water to push out the contaminant. Here, more than 97% of water is removed leaving your rug with the perfect softness and colour without any colour browning or bleeding.

Give your rug the royal treatment

We make sure that your oriental and area rug is carefully treated through our specialists who are , trained, licensed, and certified team cleaners. Being the top rated rug cleaning Lake Worth service provider since 1994, under BBB A+ authorization, we as company takes care of your rugs. You can call us to avail the best possible rug cleaning service. As we go beyond every standard and advanced cleaning technique, we make sure that our every single method is properly inspected and implemented.

The final thought

Starting from figuring out the fabric kind to sorting the backing, soil level, and weave type, we are experienced professionals in rug cleaning and are skilled to remove all types of stains, dirt, dust, pet urine, odour, etc.

Get started with us today!!

In case of requirement, we can also take your rugs offside to our special warehouse to clean them and bring you back the perfect and original item in safe and secure condition.

Call today for a free test and estimation. Reach out to us for Lake Worth rug cleaning by contacting at- 1-561-731-5889 or e-mail us