Founded in 1994, National Carpet Upholstery Cleaning is Florida’s premier rug cleaning and Restoration Company. We have more than 20 years of experience, are rated under BBB A+ certification and have cultivated passion for rugs and customer service excellence. We also connect virtually to provide quick cleaning solution for every major rugs types and even serve one of a kind antiques. Being a the top rated rug cleaning Broward County servicing company, we have the skills and expertise on cleaning any rug types, dyeing and weaving methods to provide an effective solution to customers.

Bring aesthetic beauty and integrity of your rug

Our team of professionals have made a natural progression into cleaning and restoration of rugs after exploring the marketplace. As such, we have become meticulous in caring and cleaning of the specialty rugs and restore the appearance and value of your rug. Through our dedication and hard work, and advanced cleaning solutions, we bring the aesthetic beauty and integrity of the rug back.

Fist choice for quality

We also utilize the washing process that outperforms all other in achieving complete soil removal that also includes petr urine. This process has proved to be effective on a huge scale on f rugs from the most fragile antique to sturdier, power loomed modern rugs. As such, our good old fashioned customer service offers first choice for quality which we preserve all throughout our work areas.

Process of cleaning

  • Dusting- Before washing, the rug is dusted using the most recent process available, settlement of grit, sand or dust can reduce the life of the rug by leading to pre-mature wear-and-tear. Therefore, we provide deep dusting and rug cleaning in Broward County using the processes like steam cleaning, dry cleaning, on-site cleaning, and other cleaning service. Removing the dust is the major element that creates a healthy surrounding.
  • Silky Wash- An extremely careful, thorough hand controlled dusting, washing and rinsing method that assures assured complete restoration and improves the silky sheen. As such, it helps to improve the beauty and value of the rug.
  • Drying- Our cleaning slow dries all rugs in a temp controlled and dust free way. This serves as a crucial element in the complete recovery of the original glamour.

It has been seen that rugs tend to change in shapes with respect to time and also develop wrinkle. We make well use of the block and stretch method to restore the shape and size of your rug. Here, the process we works on to

  • Make rugs perfect rectangular
  • Remove wrinkles

Apart from just the washing and cleaning process, our sales and service include free pick-up and delivery. Our delivery service offer moving of your rugs and reinstalling it. Also, we render appraisals for estates and insurance to properly insure your family heirlooms.

The final thought

If you are tired of cleaning your rugs over and over that doesn’t bring the shine and splendour it had once upon a time, you can rely on our rug cleaning Broward County service and avail quick and fast servicing. We are a trusted and reliable company and are therefore happy to add you to our growing list of satisfied customers. Our expert professionals can easily and quickly get rid of embedded dirt and mud in your rugs.

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