You can find many expert restoration techniques that turn a worn out rug into a fine one. Since rugs can bring a touch of elegance to any room, if cared properly it can be passed down from generation to generation. To make sure that your rug last throughout the year, it is best to have expert rug cleaning Boynton service from time to time.

You can now preserve your rugs from long haul with the help of specialized cleaning service from the National Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Company. Your elegant rug plays a very crucial role in your home. As wear-and-tear over just months or decade can impact your fine rugs, caring for it will require special cleaning procedure to help them retain their integrity and beauty.

Top-rated cleaning company from decades of service

We as rug cleaners have been Boynton’s premier rug cleaning and restoration professionals since 1994. Using a state of art patented washing process, we effectively and efficiently restore the brilliance,lustre and colour of your rug.

Whether your fine area rug is a sturdier modern rug or fragile antique, we treat each rug as a valuable item and preserve its beauty while totally removing stains, soils, and dirt. Combining the detailed and careful process of rug cleaning in Boynton with good old fashioned customer service, we have become Florida’s most trusted rug cleaners.

Our Boynton Rug Cleaning Services includes:

    • Blocking to restore rug symmetry
    • Microseal stain treatment
    • Moth pre and post treatment
    • Rug underlayment
    • Experts reweaving and restoration
    • Rug cleaning and repair

Apart from the above mentioned services, our specialty services also include herbal tea washes, colour run removal, pet urine removal, spot removals, appraisals, etc.

We know and respect the need for special care of your fine rug and so you can put your trusted rug in our professional hands.

We clean both old and new rugs, such as  soumaks, dhurries, hooked rugs, aubusson weave, needlepoint weave, machine made, new oriental, antique rugs, oushaks, tapestries, kelims, and so forth.

Also our specialty rug cleaning include: flokati, braided rugs, sea grass rugs, sisal rugs, bordered carpets, and many more.

Reliability and convenience

We use the state of art in plant system employing equipment and patented tools designed especially for cleaning purpose. Cleaning your rug will take approximately one to two week, as per the service you require. At National Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, we offer complimentary rug pick-up and delivery and also provide  in home inspection of your rug too.

Expert repairs

Rugs usually get damaged or worn out through everyday use. In case you notice some sort of damage occurred to your rugs, we are glad to repair your rugs and bring back to its original state. Having the damage repaired immediately will prevent it from getting worse. We specialize in the following:

    • Cut downs and size alterations
    • Moth damage restoration
    • Damage caused by pets (cat scratches, dog chew)
    • Fringe securing, replacement, repair
    • Tape and wide binding replacement
    • Hand binding, surging
    • Resorting cuts and rips
    • Revive holes and all types of rugs
    • Navajo, kilim, tapestry weaving
    • Antique rug restoration

How to get started!!

Whether it is residential or commercial place you need help for rug cleaning Boynton, we are well equipped to handle your request. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and don’t forget to ask about our present specials, packages and discounts.

Call today for a free test and estimation. Reach out to us for Boca Raton rug cleaning by contacting at- 1-561-731-5899 or e-mail us