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Anyone who has a dog, cat or any type of pet knows the vital role that the animal plays in the family but surely does not understand that the relationship between humans and animals played a decisive role even in the evolution of the animal itself. Our empathy and our language would not be the same without them. People love their pets as family members and combining pets with area rug cleaning, it may turn out well if we take certain precautions.

Keeping the area rug clean, especially if our children play on it, is necessary for our health. But with animals in the home, this is not always easy. Although dogs and cats are the most common, they also have ferrets, rabbits, piglets … In general, many animals that we adore but that give us the odd extra task with the hair they release.

Furry animals often spread their hair throughout the house, and that can be a problem to maintain hygiene at home. In the case of area rugs, there are solutions for everything. Having clean pets and carpets is possible. One of the drawbacks of the hair of the animals, as well as the possible mites or dust that they carry, is that it is falling little by little all over the house. That’s why it’s worth brushing our pets with some frequency with specialized brushes and recommended by veterinarians or animal experts.


Area rug cleaning services are necessary when you have pets.


This brushing should do (obviously) away from the carpets. And if possible on a white floor and in which sweeping is easy. All the hair about to fall that we brush will be a less headache when we clean our rug. Hairs tend to attach to tissues, knot and be difficult to remove.

Dogs, cats, and carpets

Cats are cleaner, but dogs act as large doormats that sweep the entire house. And sometimes the street too. As much as we clean the carpet, they will leave much more than hairs on it. The dogs drag the dust of the whole house, the dirt of the street floor and even the humidity if they have stepped on puddles, they have wallowed in the grass, or it has rained.

Sweeping the house frequently helps the dogs not distribute the dust on the area rug (where it is easily fixed). When dogs enter the house from the street, it is advisable to clean their legs with some water, wet wipes or merely a brush to remove traces of soil that usually remain between the fingers. And if it has rained, it will be advisable to dry them in the bathroom or kitchen (with tile floor) before letting them wander around the house.

What to do with the area rugs

First of all, before shaking or washing the area rug, it is worth venting a little without hitting it. Just lift it from the corners and drop the hairs. The reason is that if we shake or wet it, we will be helping the hairs to fix to the fabric. We want just the opposite.

Vacuuming to remove hair works well 50% of the time. Or with 50% of the strands. The problem is that by the time we pass the vacuum the hairs have already been fixed on the carpet. However, it will be ideal to give the first review and remove as many hairs and dirt as we can.


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Theirs, if we have pets, is recommended to vacuum a couple of times per week at least. The time will vary depending on the type of pet or its hair. For example, a wool dog is not the same as a boxer. There is a little trick that will serve us with those rebellious hairs that always remain. We will use packaging tape (the classic thick brown tape) and a jar or glass bottle. If we have the skill, the idea is to surround the glass with the tape, but leaving the face with adhesive, and drag the bottle or jar on the carpet. Rolling with a few passes, we will have all the hairs.

Of course, we can always turn to a specialized shop to buy a roller to remove hairs or lint. The problem is that after a few uses it is difficult to clean them. Keeping the area rug free of animal hair is the key if we want a clean home. It is possible to keep the area rug clean and live with animals at the same time. At least as long as we have a minimum of care with our textiles.

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