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Odor removal national Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Odor removal national Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Before starting, we will explain what is really an odor and the different affectations that it can have. An odor is a complex mixture of gases, vapors, and dust, where the composition of the mix influences the type of smell perceived by the receiver.

Everything we can not perceive with the sense of smell is called an odorless. The term fragrance or aroma is mostly used by the food or cosmetic industry to describe a pleasant smell and is commonly used to refer to perfumes.

One of the methods of better results in the elimination of odors are the so-called ozonation cleanings. They have to be done by a cleaning expert like National Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning.

It should be noted that ozone cleaning is a powerful disinfectant that does not require chemical products to eliminate the annoying viruses and bacteria that are generally the cause of severe odors that occur in our environment.

It is also fascinating to mention that this cleaning by ozonated water that is used mainly for cleaning and reducing odors in kitchen utensils, turns out to be the perfect ally to finish with the viruses and bacteria that are responsible for spreading bad smells.

Another of the significant advantages of the elimination of odors through ozone is the excellent efficiency to achieve environmental quality after applying it in places like bars, discotheques, restaurants, hotel rooms, halls or any other space that requires the elimination of inopportune odors.

Some of the most frequently asked questions about the elimination of odors through ozone are:

How does the ozone treatment work?

Inorganic elements that generate a lot of bad odors float in the air we breathe all the time. The foods that we consume, the tobacco, etc., make an infinity of bacteria, fungi and viruses appear in the environment. Ozone works by destroying all these elements leaving the air we breathe clean of waste and providing a fresh environment without harming the environment.

What odors can ozone eliminate?

It is necessary to say that it is capable of eliminating any kind of smell.

Tobacco: it manages to eliminate the oxidation of the phenol gases as well as the burning odors.

Mold: it is found in plaster and wood walls, some furniture and some rugs.

Organic odors: excrement, vomiting, pets, garbage, common kitchen odors (like food) and even eliminates body odors.

Humidity or odors generated by chemical gases such as exhaust pipes.

Where can ozone treatments be used?

Practically everywhere. Restaurants, bars, transportation, professional laundries, swimming pools, hotels, cars, homes … inside almost any building where you intend to increase the quantity and quality of air.

What can you notice after having eliminated odors with ozone?

As we have mentioned throughout this small article, the complete elimination of all the odors that are kept in the environment on a daily basis. A lovely and pleasant feeling of clean air.

Some of the places where you can store the bad smell of mold:

  • Rugs
  • Jackets
  • Furniture

Some of the places where organic odors accumulate:

  • Pets
  • Bodily sorrows, in buses, offices, gyms, and so on.
  • Strong scents of tobacco smoke or fires.
  • Oils of gasoline and diesel oil in workshops and garages.

We can emphasize that this cleaning method can be executed both in closed places, in public areas, it can be applied to any type of house, local food offices, etc.

Are you still doubting the benefits of odor elimination?

Contact us, we have the machinery and the best-trained personnel to leave your home, business or work area free from bad odors, we have been providing this service for 23 years and with exceptional attention to our customers. Do not stay with the doubt you have the test, and you will not regret the magnificent results of the cleaning and elimination of odors by ozone, many people add more and more to the benefits of this service. Not for luxury if not for an improvement in your daily life with clean environments of bacteria and impurities that can have a lot of damage.

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