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The home is a refuge that provides us with warmth and security. It is important to decorate with great care and choose the right furniture for an essential aspect of the house. The choice of furniture requires excellent attention for the home since not only should they be fashionable, but they should also be comfortable and useful. It is not necessary to always choose the biggest and best brands. Everything depends entirely on the needs and budget of the owners. The upholstery cleaning should be a parallel choice when buying furniture.

One of the significant common problems in houses and apartments today is that in most cases the living space is limited. Find practical solutions that allow us to live in a comfortable area without sacrificing the practicality of storage, becomes a big concern, for example, when we want to furnish a children’s bedroom, or we prepare the baby’s room.


The furniture for your home that you choose and buy not only reflects your personality but also give a cozy and orderly appearance. Each aspect demonstrates the thoug


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ht and intelligent idea of choice for the house that includes from the floor of the house to the selection of curtains. The periodic upholstery cleaning should always be part of the care and cleaning of the home. The innate refinement of the use of the products describes their owner. The adequately refined and sophisticated reflects the mentality of today’s generation. The furniture for the home should be chosen with great pleasure and care. Open space should be used in the best way, so consulting with an interior designer can be a good idea.

In homes, it is common to have to keep a large number of items, from clothing, bedding, blankets, and others, through books, school supplies, kitchenware …, so the storage space is essential. However, many times that furniture is an added plus that we have the less living area in the home. So, what can we do about it? It is useless to choose furniture that we love for its design, fit with our decoration of the rest and serve our needs. If you have some measures that are not useful, either because it takes too much space, or because we demand an extra that we could solve several problems at once.

Upholstered furniture

The leather upholstery is today an exclusive product at a totally accessible price. It is a fashionable product, a unique piece. The skin is fresh on contact and warm to the eye. The thickness of the skin “in the flesh” – with the animal in life – is usually between 1 and 2 centimeters. The surfaces of a couch have a thickness of between 0.9 and 1 millimeters, reaching those of better quality to have diameters between 1.4 and 1.5 millimeters.

The leather articles that are offered the most undergo 4 different quality tests: the skin tear and resistance test, the fire resistance test, the resistance tests of leather fur


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niture structures and the test of the damage in tissues and skins by rubbing. The skin that most of the furniture is made of comes from the cow, although other skins such as pigs or horses are also sold.


The skin (or leather) is divided into three parts: epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis (this one is the lower layer).

The differentiation of skins

In the commercial field, the distinction of skins is made regarding its quality. The first layer or surface skin has been little treated or rectified. Probably can show scars or signs that the animal could suffer in life, which will imprint on the product authenticity. Then, there is rectified skin that has undergone treatments. They are natural skins of lower price and inferior layer. Finally, the skin is cut and softened, with more or less abrasive sandpapers. There are skins that, due to their initial quality, the youth of the animal and how little damaged it is, do not need to be sanded or rectified. Some skins need many passes of sandpaper to improve its appearance and smoothness.

The final result of the product will not only depend on the preparation, tanning, and finishing of the skin, but also on a good selection of the animal, especially the origin of the animals and the quality status of their skins (the least number of scars, signs, etc.).

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