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What can you face by not giving your furniture proper maintenance and cleaning?

From irreparable damage to your furniture or upholstery to severe diseases that you can get infected by are some of the things that you have to face if you do not give proper maintenance and cleaning your furniture whether these are upholstered in fabric or leather, etc.

In all our homes there may be a variety of different types of furniture which can be composed of endless materials such as wood, leather, plastics, agglomerates, fabrics, etc. To be able to perform a proper cleaning of furniture and that these are preserved for a long time, we must have a cleaning procedure suitable for them.

The cleaning of furniture in our homes is as necessary as the cleaning of other objects, and often, is not usually given the treatment they need for proper conservation, National Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning can help with it. In addition to doing a correct cleaning eliminating all traces of bacteria and stains do not mistreat your wood and leather furniture as these are usually the most delicate and challenging to handle furniture.

The wooden furniture, which is waxed so that it does not lose its brightness, we recommend dusting them with a soft cloth so that this type of furniture will retain its natural shine and avoid being mistreated. Usually, this kind of furniture with the passage of time usually has one or another scratch our workers can take care of it by restoring the wooden furniture and leaving it as new. There is an endless variety of wooden furniture such as those that are worked with paint or varnished in these cases we usually advise a cleaning with soapy water, rinse and clean. There is lacquered furniture, these are cleaned by passing a wet cloth; our workers often apply a variety of polishing products to remove these undesirable marks such as those of the fingers.

Leather upholstered furniture is currently very fashionable, especially for its resistance to everyday use and wear. However, these also need proper maintenance to prevent leather from getting damaged or dry. Especially in this type of furniture proven to be the most expensive and at the same time subtle and elegant. In National Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning value the confidence you place in us taking care of your furniture throughout the cleaning or maintenance process in addition to providing a quality service eliminating any type of stain or imperfection in the upholstery. We do not recommend applying shoe products to leather furniture since these usually tend to dry the leather, but you can buy products designed specifically for this type of furniture and thus extend the life of your furniture and maximize its brightness.

Furniture upholstered in different types of fabric can deteriorate very quickly with the continuous use of the materials they are made of, which is why we recommend giving them constant maintenance by professionals in the field of cleaning. But if you want to do it yourself we urge you to have upholstery with a delicate fabric, where there are stamped with thread, it is advisable to clean it and keep it with a duster, rather than with a vacuum cleaner so as not to attack the fabric and deteriorate it. It should be clear that this will always depend on the type of material that makes up the upholstery or reupholstering of the armchair, chair or sofa since each fabric has different characteristics and compositions.

It is essential that the furniture and other objects that you use in your day to day stay clean as many diseases can affect the respiratory system, eyes, and skin. It is crucial to avoid the increase of dust on surfaces and materials that allow dirt and mites to be deposited as much as possible since these can produce many allergies and conditions in humans such as Asthma, rhinitis, dermatitis, eczema and also asthma that affects many children. So that we can give an idea of the volume of these organisms that surround us, we can find up to 2,500 mites per gram of dust. Therefore, this means that we could find up to more than 1,000,000 mites on a sofa that has not been cleaned by a couple of weeks

A common problem that we have to face if we do not clean and maintain our furniture is the presence of mold which occurs in damp environments, something that can cause allergies; this can usually be produced if we spill liquids on upholstered furniture cloth. It is important to ventilate the furniture periodically and if possible to use a dehumidifier so that the humidity level is lower.

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