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Furniture Cleaning Boynton Beach

Looking For Furniture Cleaning In Boynton Beach?

National Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning has been providing world class furniture cleaning in Boynton Beach, and all surrounding towns for over 27 happy years. If you have dirty or unsightly furniture and you would like them to look like new again, then consider having them professionally cleaned by us. Furniture  cleaning has been an available service since 1901 and used by millions each year to keep their homes looking and feeling clean. When you see your furniture go from dirty and stained to clean and fresh  it be sure to put a pleasant smile on your face!

furniture cleaning boynton beach

There are multiple methods to clean furniture from dirt and debris and some work better then others while even costing less. It is recommended to not use the “dry foam method” that some companies offer as that method leaves behind soap which only makes the rug appear clean for a very short while.

As we all know, soap attracts dirt. The soap that is left behind from the “dry foam method” is responsible for making area rugs become dirtier again 3x faster than before.

 The better the desired results are, in this case cleaner furniture that stays clean, the more expensive the equipment is. We promise to treat each and every customer like our own family and because of that we have earned an outstanding google rating and achieved an AAA rating with the better business bureau.

We made a decision 27 years ago to always utilize the highest quality equipment available. In this industry, high quality means expensive but it’s the power of our equipment and extensive knowledge,  that truly separates us from all of the local competitors who use cheaper, portable units and don’t possess the years of experience that we do.  The trucks and high velocity pumps that we send to our customers houses cost us $60,000 each!

If you value quality over quantity, we are the ideal furniture cleaning company for you. In addition to area rugs we also clean carpets and tile in Boynton and surrounding towns.

Call now to speak with a cleaning expert and schedule your visit where we clean a small section of your furniture for free. If you like it, we clean the rest. If not, we leave no questions asked. Let us prove our claims to you as we have done for thousands of your local residents.  You have nothing to lose! 561-731-5889

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