Do you have kids or pets in your house? Do you frequently host family and friends meeting? Whether you have guests or simply are at home, you need to know that your furniture might get worn out. There are various reasons to cause this like blemishes, stains, food crumbs, germs, pollen or dust and all these things can’t be avoided. Homes that that have furniture do add up to 70% of the dirt and dust however, you don’t have to cling to this situation worrying about the dirty. As furniture cleaning Boca Raton, you can surely have a way out looking for refreshing furniture all the way.

At National Carpet Upholstery Cleaning, we offer furniture cleaning services that extends the life of your furniture. Apart from this, the service is healthy and safe for pets and kids. With the help from professional cleaners, you can now revitalize your home and bring new life to your space. After the cleaning methods are over, your upholstery will be dried, and they can immediately be used.

Performance and healthfulness of cleaning process

Our Boca Raton furniture cleaning services is strong enough to clean even the inside stains where the cleaners also take care of that none of your furniture is damaged. We also make sure that we remove all the allergens from furniture using high tech tools and techniques specially been tested and proven. Through lab concluded, we remove 99% allergens from your furniture that contain dust mite and cat dander. Further, our process uses sanitizers that remove airborne bacteria residing on your home and finally improve the indoor air quality.

Why our service is reliable and safe?

Once you have decided to hire professional service for furniture cleaning in Boca Raton you might have many questions to ascertain our potential and reliability. As a leading company since 1994 and BBB A+ rated, you can rest assured to avail complete solution. Even you don’t have to be concerned about the soaps or harsh chemicals, we use our own patented cleaner that is not harmful to children and doesn’t leave a sticky residue.

Being carbonated cleaning solution, eco-friendly and green certified, we render your furniture in Boca Raton a healthier and deep down cleaning. We make it sure through our dry process which resists resoiling, dries quickly and is safe for the entire family members.

Our safe and non-toxic cleaning Boca Raton revitalizes your upholstery for long lasting, healthier and fresh clean. You can hire our professional who use advanced equipment and tools to remove allergens, dust and dirt that are been trapped from air. Thus, we leave your home with deep cleaning method that work best through all kinds of materials. And since our cleaning process doesn’t involve using detergents or soaps, so it doesn’t leave behind any dirt attracting resident keeping your furniture clean for long duration.

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You can compare our packages and schedule an appointment for an initial consultation. By choosing various packages you can know exactly what type of solutions you need. We can help you protect your house from everyday bacteria, unhealthy allergens and stains. Call today for a free test and estimation.

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