The pleasure of walking barefoot

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Most people are lovers of barefoot walking even though for centuries we have walked barefoot or at most, with pieces made of animal skins. Wearing shoes is something relatively new and even more, the widespread use of rubber and plastic for the manufacture of their soles. Being these non-conductive materials, the flow of beneficial electrons

The complexity of smells

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The smell is not given as much attention as the other senses. And he does not deserve it, because we use our sense of smell more than we think. For example, the flavor of a product is determined by its smell by 90%. Our language only can perceive the salty, acidic, bitter and sweet flavors.

Home, furniture and upholstery

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The home is a refuge that provides us with warmth and security. It is important to decorate with great care and choose the right furniture for an essential aspect of the house. The choice of furniture requires excellent attention for the home since not only should they be fashionable, but they should also be comfortable

Pets and area rug cleaning

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Anyone who has a dog, cat or any type of pet knows the vital role that the animal plays in the family but surely does not understand that the relationship between humans and animals played a decisive role even in the evolution of the animal itself. Our empathy and our language would not be the

How to choose the upholstery of your furniture?

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A distinction must be made between the art of upholstery and the upholstery craft. While the first refers to the making of tapestries, the second refers to the action of covering a piece of furniture (sofas, chairs, armchairs, stools, footrest) and walls. Upholstery is one of the techniques that more and better decorate our furniture.

The origin and reason of cleaning services

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Where are the cleaning services born? In the 25th century BC. In Sumeria, the first cleaning product we know was born: soap. The civilizations of the Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans used soap. Archaeologists found it in what was then Babylon for the very first time. Soap was a staple product for the ancient civilization.

Renting a carpet cleaner

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If your house is decorated with carpets, it would be best if they are well maintained and clean at all times. This is not just for decoration and style, but for a fresh and healthy life inside your home. However, if you are a very busy person and do not have time to clean your

Importance of carpet cleaning in Lake Worth, FL

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People have tried over the years to keep their environment as clean as possible. There are whole environmental movements, which seek to combat the attack of harmful substances and prevent diseases. The conservation of a healthy lifestyle has become a priority for every person who yearns for a better world and that includes Carpet cleaning