Water Damage Restoration Contractors, should you risk it?

Water Damage Restoration Contractors, should you risk it?


Water Restoration Contractors

Sounds pretty easy you need a water damage restoration contractor company you call a guy that gave you his card at a game. Let’s see why “cheap is expensive”. Dealing with an unlicensed water damage restoration contractor can bring you headaches you don’t need. I have a buddy that went through a rough situation in his business location. He had a so called contractor come in and restore and clean carpet that had some water damage and one of the guy’s workers slipped and injured his back on a wet spot that he left there.

Water Restoration Workers compensation insurance

Guess what happen next? Since he wasn’t licensed he didn’t have insurance, without a contractor’s insurance policy my buddy had to fork up $12,500 in medical bills for knowingly hiring an unlicensed contractor since his home owner’s insurance doesn’t cover that situation. Yes, my friends cheap is expensive. Make sure you check for worker’s compensation insurance.

Another scenario comes when a water damage restoration contractor damages your property. I wish you good luck trying to get that money from an unlicensed contractor. The stories are endless with homeowners going bankrupt trying to collect the money. If you hire a licensed contractor to make sure he carries liability insurance. This type of insurance will keep you protected if the contractor damages your home. If he doesn’t have that you will have a hard time collecting that money, save yourselves the headaches people!


Cheap Carpet Restoration will cost you more in the long run.

Do you really want to redo your water damage restoration leakage issues because of unprofessional work that left your roof leaking again? Issues like this one run rampant in the paver repair industry, protect yourselves, my friends. Yeah I know what you might be thinking, the price per project is cheaper with these unlicensed contractors. But here are the reasons why it’s cheaper and in the long run, it will cost you more.

The material we use for example here at National Carpet Care is of high-quality grade-A materials. An experience licensed water damage contractor will suggest high-quality material that will last longer while looking great for a longer time. So, in the long run, you might save at the beginning, but within a year you could be replacing your materials again costing you more.


Many construction projects require permits.


In most cases, these permits will not be giving to unlicensed contractors. This will leave you with a job half way finished. Also if these permits cannot be acquired guess who is not up to code if you proceed to continue and finish the project. You could receive a hefty fine if caught, yes you. The next thing that happens when you are not up to code is that your property can lose value due to failing to disclose information could lead to liability. I tell you my friends, so many issues when you hire unlicensed.


Licensed Carpet Contractors are required to have background checks.


Background checks can help you protect you in preventing theft, fraud, and violence in your property. Can you really have someone in your property without knowing at least that they were not convicted of a violent crime?  All these important issues are starting to add up huh?


A licensed insured & bonded carpet cleaning contractor in Lake Worth FL or any place in Florida will have a higher overhead for your protection.


My dad use to say better safe than sorry, by hiring a licensed water restoration contractor you have to understand that there is costs that we got to pay that unlicensed contractors don’t pay. Also if these contractors can’t get their licenses and insurance, what makes you think they will hire professional Highly Qualified and Experienced Employees on each job site? I truly believe that a contractor that loves his profession will follow the requirements and also hire top quality workers. These highly trained workers cost more money to maintain but are well worth it by helping complete an impeccable job.


In conclusion

It might be tempting to hire a cheap unlicensed water damage restoration contractor, but my advice is to look at it this way. Can you really trust a contractor that doesn’t follow the law? If he is cutting corners on this issues wouldn’t he cut corners on your project? If something goes wrong on your project are you ready to fork up the dough? If you do not want to lose money, then follow my advice and hire a well deserve licensed contractor.


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