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4 Carpet Replacement Clues?

Carpet Cleaning Clues

Carpet Replacement


Deciding on carpet replacement is never a simple thing. It’s difficult to pick your clothes for a party at the end of the week and it can be much harder to choose whether to replace the carpet in your living room. Individuals have a tendency to get sentimental about things used to them. It doesn’t matter if its carpet, old shoes, a watch, or whatever else.

Additionally, you don’t need to stress over the work and costs that are associated with carpet replacement. On the off chance that your cover is at the end of its life quick replacement is the approach. Here, at National Carpet Upholstery and Cleaning will go over clues that may signify carpet replacement.


Stubborn Carpet Staining


Sometimes carpets are outfitted with a finish that stain-resistant. Nevertheless, has a tendency to lose viability with the progress of time. If you take a glimpse at the cover in your living room and understand that it’s packed with disgusting stains and staining, at that point that is a sign it’s all over!

Professional carpet cleaning Boca Raton might get rid of minor recoloring and staining. A few stains, however, can be stubborn. Stubborn stains may not react to cleaning regardless of what you do. Coffee, wine, bleach, and tea stains have a tendency to be hard to kill. Too many stains and discoloration is a simple sign to replace your carpets.



Cover That Has an Awful Odor


Cover that odors terrible aren’t the most inviting or wonderful thing. Every time you wrinkle your nose whenever you’re anyplace close to your covering, which implies that you need to supplant it as possible. Enduring floor covering scents can be a major issue for persons who have pets. Top carpet cleaning Boca Raton services can decimate terrible stenches. However, there are special cases.


Sometimes cover cleaning effort neglects to get rid of smells, which can mean that odor figured out how to go down into the subfloor, or fibers. It can in a few circumstances mean the buildup of decay and mold too. Certainly, you need to worry about your well-being for mold and decay because is hazardous to your health to inhale these fungi bacteria.


Carpet That Has Bulges and Tears


Carpet that requires substitution looks ratty. In fact, if the cover is long ways from its prime in the looks division, likely needs substitution. Test your cover. Search for signs of bulges, tears, and matting. Bulges mean unattractive and hazardous.

Individuals can stumble on them and get harmed. You can make your home a more secure place by getting crisp new carpets is with no imperfections and impediments.

Carpet That Triggers Your Allergies


Carpets are more of age can collect allergens. This can empower allergic responses in many individuals. In case you’re encountering numerous repulsive symptoms, for example, wheezing and coughing mean your old cover could be at fault.

Remember when carpets trap moisture they inhibit bacteria like mold or other fungi.Keep in mind that cover as often as possible needs substitution between 7 and 10 years.

Spores Mold Fungi Bacteria

Carpet Cleaning to Battle Mold


Benefits of Tile and Grout cleaning

Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning


Having tiles, instead of carpet, can improve the look of your home.

The look and feel of new tiles are exhilarating; however, that feeling fades as tiles and grout lines become chipped, cracked, dirty and dingy.

Occasional scrubbing may keep it bearable for a while but give back that “new look” feeling, is almost impossible for a regular person.

When renting or buying a place, dirty tiles and grouts can be massive deal breakers, as people relate tile cleanness with overall hygiene and state of the place you are about to get.

Same happens when you have visited your house, you want your tiles to look as shiny clean as possible, since this may leave you with a bad impression.

But, in reality, keeping tiles and grout clean is a hard task, and it may not be as easy as it seems.

Tiling in areas like the kitchen and other areas of the house, do not suffer the same problems that those in the bathroom do since this surface is damp.

Taking good care of tiling can cause serious money savings. When tiles get cracked, stained or tanned, is because of poor cleaning, and the best option you have at that point is retailing, which is often very expensive.

Now, if you hate getting on your knees to scrub the grout, but you know how beneficial this action for your home’s appearance, your health, and your pocket, then your best option is to hire a professional grout and tile cleaning service.

If you are not sure you want to go in that direction, here we will provide you with a list of benefits of tile and grout cleaning.


1. Long lasting tiles


Your tile floors will last longer! As tiles have a special glazing that keeps them shining and prevents dirt from penetrating their surface, which causing results into a dirty aspect or change in color.

Removing dirt can also lead to scratches and stains, while spills can affect the appearance and durability of the grout, and even cause tile displacement.

By having the tile cleaning by an expert, you are prolonging the life of the tiles and grout.

Consistent grout and tile cleaning protect the glazing, helps you notice any signs of deterioration and extends your tile floors’ lifespan.

2. Forget about mold:


Mold appears on damp surfaces with little natural lightning like bathrooms and kitchens. Aside from the formal repercussions that mold brings making your tile look dirty mold can also be a threat to your health. As it can cause allergic reactions as coughing, sneezing and breathing heavily.

If you leave this in hands of professionals, they will know which products can remove mold and prevent reappearance while protecting you from any reactions due to chemical use.


3. Save money


Professional cleaning services may bring additional costs, however, in the long run, giving maintenance to your tiles can save you a lot of money.

As they will last longer so there won’t be a need to repair or replace tiles. Also, you will save a ton of money on cleaning products.


4. Appearance


Your floor will look the part as these type of maintenance make your floor look brand new.


5. Professionals know!


Not all cleaning agents are the same, those used in the bathroom may not be suitable for the kitchen. A professional cleaner knows what chemicals to use, and where.


Professionals know what cleaning products and techniques to use for each type of tile and grout.


They have the tools and expertise to remove even the most stubborn stains, without affecting the tiles’ seal or the grout’s color.


6. Maintains the value of your home’s finished with tile and grout cleaning


Regular professional tile cleaning will help preserve the tile and the grout. It keeps the surface clean as the day it was installed, which helps preserve its value. When you sell your home, this feature will add up additional value to it.


With proper maintenance, your floors will never get back to the opaque, dirty look they had before the cleaning.


With the amazing change of your tile and grout, your home and yourself will feel much better.

How to clean oriental rugs

How to clean oriental rugs

Oriental Rugs are a typical style of floor carpet that come from nations like Iran, China, and India. These floor Rugs are known for their rich colors, textures. Oriental rug history is rich and is in households all over the world. Today we will show you Oriental Rug Cleaning to do at your home.


Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning


Oriental rugs come in all shapes and styles and made using materials like fleece or cotton, but can also come from things like silk or synthetic material. Purchasing an oriental mat to your home can bring life into a room, yet like most floor coverings, they can get filthy.

If you use the proper techniques to clean and care for your rug, you can keep your rug looking new for a long time.

It’s difficult to clean this beautiful piece of fabric art without damaging it. Therefore, we will provide you with some methods on how to clean your oriental rug

1. Take the precautions necessary

Check the carpet’s tag. Lift the sides of your rug to uncover the mark. More often than not, on the mark, it will have directions on the most secure approach to clean your Oriental floor covering.

There are different fabrics used to produce oriental rugs and you need to be careful in identifying the one you have since the cleaning methods vary from one to another.

Carpets can be made of silk, fleece, cotton, or synthetic material and each requires a specific level of artfulness when cleaning.

Cotton and fleece floor coverings are simpler to clean.

In the event, you have a silk floor covering, consider taking it to an expert as opposed to cleaning it yourself on account of extreme stains.

Vacuum and tend to the carpet.

Vacuuming your rug at least once a week will lift dirt from it and keep it smelling and looking neat.

Be careful!

Don’t vacuum antique or silk oriental rugs as it can damage them and reduce their value.

Keep your carpet out of direct daylight. Oriental carpets can be harm from sun exposure, so keep it far from windows.

Keeping an oriental rug in the sun will make the colors faint.

In the event, you expose the rug to direct sunlight, rotate it at least once a month. This won’t prevent it to get the colors faded but it will make this painful process a little longer.

Test to see if your carpet is colorfast.

A few carpets are colorfast and won’t bleed when wet while others will.

Always check your rugs tag. If the Rug’s label reads “dry clean only”, there’s a great chance that your rug is not colorfast.

Quick tip:

If you want to test your rug, saturate a small corner of the carpet with room temperature water, then press on it with a clean white cloth.

When there is dye on your rag, then your carpet is likely to bleed if you clean it yourself.

If your carpet is not colorfast, do a light cleaning but avoid getting your carpet wet.

You need to deep clean a carpet that is not colorfast, your best option would be to bring it in to be professionally cleaned.

2. Quick Oriental rug cleaning

Use a broom or a carpet sweeper to clean off your rug.

Sweep in one direction from end to end. Don’t rub your broom back and forth because you could end up damaging it.

Once you’re done, repeat the cycle and go over it a second time.

Electric carpet sweepers

You could use static electricity to pick up dirt. These are the safest method for quickly cleaning an antique oriental rug.

Spot clean your rug.

It’s best to take care of the spills as soon as they occur because when they dry it will be much difficult for you to get rid of the stain or smell. As soon as the spill occurs use a paper towel or clean rag to rub the carpet and attempt to remove the spot.

Do not rub back and forth on the spill because you could end up rubbing the stain deeper into the carpet.

Deep Rug Cleaning

We suggest you leave the deep cleaning to professionals as they know which solutions work best on your rug, remember that Oriental rugs come in different fabrics, which often are very delicate. Professionals know the techniques on how to perform a deep and safe cleaning.

Although it will you cost you some money, it may be worth as you can steer away from repairs in the future. Learn a little more Oriental Rug History here



Why is steam carpet better than the dry method?

Why is steam carpet better than the dry method?


Rugs serve as natural air filters in your home, trapping dust, allergens, and germs from the air and keeping them from your lungs.

Over time, though, those particles can accumulate and released back into your home in greater concentrations, and regardless of your earnest attempts for manual cleaning. When years of stains, dirt, and grime have accumulated carpet cleaning is necessary.

It’s important to do regular carpet cleaning. Many homeowners may not know of the serious health issues and suffer the negative effects without realizing easier solutions available.

Regardless of your earnest attempts, years of stains, dirt and grime have accumulated and you are in need of carpet cleaning.

Two main carpet cleaning methods you will see, wet cleaning or dry cleaning.

Dry cleaning and steam carpet cleaning are both well-known techniques for cleaning floor coverings.

Wet cleaning involves hot water extraction and can include cleaning with an absorbent pad.

Let’s see how they work:

The carpet is first pre-conditioned with a chemical reagent that makes soil and oil-based substances liquid allowing hot pressurized water, leaving all the solution to sink in for 10 to 15 minutes. Then the powerful Vacuum extracts the dirt.

Dry carpet cleaning includes the use of dry chemical powders or foams applied to the carpet and sprayed with some water to help them react on the carpet.

The powder absorbs soils in the carpet fibers. After letting it sit for 10 to 15 minutes, it s vacuumed up.

Now we have explained both methods, which carpet cleaning technique would you pick?


There are many pros and cons to both carpet cleaning methods:

The dry cleaning method is very effective, and it may be better at getting rid of certain stains,

but it can also cause damage to the carpet and the environment. The chemicals it uses to clean with are often very harmful and can be unsafe for those with respiratory problems.


Professional carpet cleaning companies prefer the wet steam method. This steam cleaning method also dries faster.

Best Carpet Cleaning

Best Carpet Cleaning


It contains more power, it can spray more detergent into the carpet and suck up more water.

Steam cleaning isn’t chemical free carpet cleaning

In the endless battle of steam carpet cleaning vs dry clean, steam cleaning is better because, despite dry cleaning, this one does not use chemical components.

It is imperative to clarify the myth that the steam cleans your carpets., home and commercial cleaning machines use hot water, which produces or releases steam, the steam itself does not clean carpet.

What cleans them are the detergents!

How does that work?

The machine sprays detergent onto your carpet as hot water activates the detergent on the carpet fiber. They then use a wet vacuum to suck up the large amounts of the water on the floor.

The reason people opt for steam carpet cleaning is for concern with the negative impact of dry cleaning chemicals on their health and on the environment.

Technically speaking, the only way to clean a carpet without chemicals is to just vacuum it.

It is said that the soapy residue left behind by carpet steam cleaners attracts dirt and causes your carpets to get dirty much faster.

However, most carpet cleaning services, are likely to use a cleaning solution that will clean your carpet without causing harm.

On the other hand, the hot water extraction rinse used by a steam cleaner or carpet shampooer is also typically enough to remove any cleaning solution and should leave a little residue behind on the carpet.

Customers with health concerns such as allergies and asthma should know that nowadays the market has created cleaning solutions that are non-toxic or hypo-allergenic and free of dyes and perfumes available.

ECO-friendly options available

For eco-friendly people, the market has developed green carpet cleaners that are obviously, an alternative to carpet cleaning methods that claim to have damaging chemicals.

Now you know, that both of these cleaning methods hold pros and cons, ultimately it is your choice which method to use.


What’s a Good Carpet Cleaning?

What’s a Good Carpet Cleaning Service?

Good carpet cleaning services

Good carpet cleaning services

A good carpet cleaning service can eliminate deterioration and keep your carpets looking new. Companies like National Carpet Cleaning offer this type of service. Carpet owners should research what they ought to pay for carpet cleaning to avoid paying more. Carpet cleaning it yourself might sound good, but you will not get a deep clean.

Steam Carpet Cleaning or Dry method?

Should you opt for a steam carpet cleaner or dry carpet cleaning? Our experience in the business has shown us that steam cleaning is the way to go! What about pricing? All properties vary in sizes besides the different carpets and rugs, there is no “one-price-fits-all” for carpet cleaners. You will find two ways businesses figure out the cost.

Carpet Cleaning Cost

Professional carpet cleaning services can price for each bedroom, this means they give you a flat cleaning rate per room in your house. This method includes a size limit, in case the room is too big. Carpet clean companies sometimes charge more for moving furniture if you are a first time client you might get it included for free. Otherwise, you may need to move your sofas, entertainment centers and other sizeable things to maintain fees down.

Cleaning carpets by square foot

Businesses can also charge per sq. foot. If you have a small home, you will sometimes pay more since the company has to balance out travel and product expenses. Some companies like National carpet care will charge a minimum charge to go out. Homeowners often wonder how much they should expect to pay for carpet cleaning, and how to know whether they’re being overcharged. CC
Costs for carpet cleaning service costs around 35 to 50 cents per square foot, with workmanship included. A good company guarantees the standard of effective cleanliness set by the (IICRC).
Some directories such as Yellow pages and Angie’s list report costumers paying an average of $50 per room and up to $75 sometimes. National Carpet Cleaning charges $29.99 per room, you can’t beat that!

Cleaning Carpet methods have different prices

Steam carpet cleaning or dry carpet method will affect pricing.
The best method uses a steam cleaning with hot water extraction. This method may cost more than the dry cleaning method but in the long run, it’s more cost effective. Most manufacturers advise on using the steam method for better, safer cleaning. Most manufacturers won’t honor the contract if cleaned with another method. This cleaning uses mounted truck units that give their cleaning systems a more powerful suction. We hope our guide will help you make the correct decision.

Check out some of the areas we service and their service page, carpet cleaning Boca Raton FL, Carpet Cleaning West Palm Beach FL, Carpet Cleaning Boynton Beach FL, Carpet Cleaning Lake Worth and more.

Best Carpet Cleaning

 Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

Best Carpet Cleaning

Best Carpet Cleaning

Best Carpet cleaning method refers to the beautification of carpet by removing dirt, stains, grit, and allergens from it. A carpet is beautified to make it healthier, longer lasting and visually pleasing too. There are two different ways of removing stains from a carpet. These are called traditional and modern methods of cleaning. There is a professional carpet cleaning industry which follows some carpet cleaning standards. It employs some basic professional cleansing methodologies. Nowadays steam carpet cleaning has become the most popular and widely accepted method though other methods of carpet cleaning also do have some merits. Some other methods popular in the carpet cleaning industry are dry cleaning, encapsulation, and green based chemical technology, but not as good. Here are some carpets cleaning methods which are gaining ground in this industry.

Steam carpet cleaning with Hot water extraction

Steam carpet cleaning, the most popular method, involves a detergent based solutions at the first instance. It is followed by application of automatic or manual cleaning tool over the carpet to rinse out all the dust and particulates. Sometimes emulsifiers are sprayed over the carpet before the steam cleaning. It helps break the films that bind the soil over the carpet. Dry cleaning has also been found very effective in removing stains. For dry cleaning, there is a specialized machine. It is a less labor intensive technique which cleans the carpet faster.

Dry cleaning is not as effective in removing stains. Just think about the dry method not providing hot steam and there is your answer!

Other Methods not so good are the following

Encapsulation cleaning

Encapsulation has recently been found not as good of a method of its cleaning. This process of cleaning is used to create a crystalline of soil deposited on the carpet which can be quickly vacuumed. This is widely used for the maintenance of home and commercial carpets. Then there is a method in which bonnet is used to scrub the carpet with a mixture of club soda and cleaning product is sprayed over its surface. But this process is not very effective as it cleans only the top part of the carpet. Cleaning with shampoo is also very popular in which a rotary machine followed by wet vacuuming is applied.

As many good methods are out there, we here at National carpet care always recommend the steam cleaning method over everything. The results we have seen over the other methods is why we only use the steam way. Don’t be fooled by companies saying they are steam cleaners and the y are not! Give us a call to find out why steam is the way to go.

Water Damage Restoration Contractors, should you risk it?

Water Damage Restoration Contractors, should you risk it?


Water Restoration Contractors

Sounds pretty easy you need a water damage restoration contractor company you call a guy that gave you his card at a game. Let’s see why “cheap is expensive”. Dealing with an unlicensed water damage restoration contractor can bring you headaches you don’t need. I have a buddy that went through a rough situation in his business location. He had a so called contractor come in and restore and clean carpet that had some water damage and one of the guy’s workers slipped and injured his back on a wet spot that he left there.

Water Restoration Workers compensation insurance

Guess what happen next? Since he wasn’t licensed he didn’t have insurance, without a contractor’s insurance policy my buddy had to fork up $12,500 in medical bills for knowingly hiring an unlicensed contractor since his home owner’s insurance doesn’t cover that situation. Yes, my friends cheap is expensive. Make sure you check for worker’s compensation insurance.

Another scenario comes when a water damage restoration contractor damages your property. I wish you good luck trying to get that money from an unlicensed contractor. The stories are endless with homeowners going bankrupt trying to collect the money. If you hire a licensed contractor to make sure he carries liability insurance. This type of insurance will keep you protected if the contractor damages your home. If he doesn’t have that you will have a hard time collecting that money, save yourselves the headaches people!


Cheap Carpet Restoration will cost you more in the long run.

Do you really want to redo your water damage restoration leakage issues because of unprofessional work that left your roof leaking again? Issues like this one run rampant in the paver repair industry, protect yourselves, my friends. Yeah I know what you might be thinking, the price per project is cheaper with these unlicensed contractors. But here are the reasons why it’s cheaper and in the long run, it will cost you more.

The material we use for example here at National Carpet Care is of high-quality grade-A materials. An experience licensed water damage contractor will suggest high-quality material that will last longer while looking great for a longer time. So, in the long run, you might save at the beginning, but within a year you could be replacing your materials again costing you more.


Many construction projects require permits.


In most cases, these permits will not be giving to unlicensed contractors. This will leave you with a job half way finished. Also if these permits cannot be acquired guess who is not up to code if you proceed to continue and finish the project. You could receive a hefty fine if caught, yes you. The next thing that happens when you are not up to code is that your property can lose value due to failing to disclose information could lead to liability. I tell you my friends, so many issues when you hire unlicensed.


Licensed Carpet Contractors are required to have background checks.


Background checks can help you protect you in preventing theft, fraud, and violence in your property. Can you really have someone in your property without knowing at least that they were not convicted of a violent crime?  All these important issues are starting to add up huh?


A licensed insured & bonded carpet cleaning contractor in Lake Worth FL or any place in Florida will have a higher overhead for your protection.


My dad use to say better safe than sorry, by hiring a licensed water restoration contractor you have to understand that there is costs that we got to pay that unlicensed contractors don’t pay. Also if these contractors can’t get their licenses and insurance, what makes you think they will hire professional Highly Qualified and Experienced Employees on each job site? I truly believe that a contractor that loves his profession will follow the requirements and also hire top quality workers. These highly trained workers cost more money to maintain but are well worth it by helping complete an impeccable job.


In conclusion

It might be tempting to hire a cheap unlicensed water damage restoration contractor, but my advice is to look at it this way. Can you really trust a contractor that doesn’t follow the law? If he is cutting corners on this issues wouldn’t he cut corners on your project? If something goes wrong on your project are you ready to fork up the dough? If you do not want to lose money, then follow my advice and hire a well deserve licensed contractor.


High-Quality Companies National Carpet Cleaning Recommends Their Services

High-Quality Companies National Carpet Cleaning Recommends Their Services

As a high-quality company, National Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery recommends some of the best companies we had the pleasure of working with. We partner up with locksmith Miami Company called Caraballo Liberty Locksmith. They mostly service the Miami FL area. If you ever in need of high-security locks for your home and business I highly recommend them.
Caraballo Locksmith Miami

We also teamed up with an acupuncture Miami clinic that offers great pain relief and relaxation. We highly recommend their services. They are called Dr. David Sontag Acupuncture and wellness clinic. If you suffer from pain give them a visit if you are close by to North Miami.dr-sontag-acupuncture-wellness-logo-275px-gray

We got to throw an office Party and we hired two Party Rentals Company the first one is Nicky party rental. We hire them for a few Bounce houses for the kid’s and they were great. Punctual and high-quality bouncers.

Top Bounce house rental

Party Rental Miami Nicky

And last but not least we have another Party Rentals Miami company. These guys brought us Tents, tables, and chairs.

Party Rentals Miami

Party Rentals Miami

We feel that as a company we should advise you on great services like our own carpet cleaning in Lake Worth FL. We don’t get a penny for recommending these companies. We just feel is good to acknowledge quality services. We also appreciate when you guys take the time to review us and let us know how we can improve our services. Reviews help our companies stay in business and anyone getting bad reviews will shortly be out of business within a few years.

Are All Carpet Cleaning Companies The Same?

The carpet cleaning industries has a lot of reputable companies such as National Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning. But in this industry there is also a lot of confusion and snake oil tactics some may say. So what we are going to do today is separate the truth from the lies.

National Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning BBB


Types of carpet cleaning.

There is two types of ways that companies clean carpet, I would call it the right way and wrong way. Let’s begin with the wrong way. There is a lot of companies that use bolted Kubota engines and they sell themselves as “steam cleaning company” when they are not! Why is this so important to you when hiring a local carpet cleaning company? Well, if you are interested in just removing the top level dirt then any bolted on machine will do. But to remove all the dirt plus bacteria, fungus and chemicals than we suggest you go with a truck mounted hot water unit like we use at National carpet cleaning. We don’t just want a clean looking carpet, we want a healthy allergen free clean carpet. Let me give you a quick example, you wouldn’t brush off your jeans and called them clean right? You probably use a washer with detergent in hot water, why wouldn’t you do that for your precious carpets? You would wouldn’t you. Now we will go into details why portable carpet cleaners fail to deliver.

Portable carpet cleaners don’t heat up the water they usually run with your faucet and we all know hot water from faucets usually don’t go over 120 degrees. Even worse by the time it reaches your carpet it is at a much lower temperature, usually around 30 degrees colder. Our 60,000.00 lb. truck mounted units’ heat up the water at around 220 degrees and by the time they reach your carpet is around 190 to 170 degrees. This creates better cleaning because it helps break down soil, grease and other spots for a much complete tougher cleaning.

The other difference is power is big and this saves time and money for you. By not going over and over on the same carpet spot the technicians will finish the job faster. A carpet should also be rinsed out of any solution used completely for effective cleaning. The high-temperature solution will easily penetrate thru the carpet and the powerful suction will remove it completely. The risk of damage with this method is virtually nonexistent, as there will be less strokes to get the job done decreasing the amount of wear and tear. We see a lot of scams offering a low price solution to unsuspecting clients if you have any more questions just reach out to Barbara at National carpet & upholstery cleaning.