Carpet Cleaning West Palm Beach FL

Carpet Cleaning West Palm Beach FL

Carpet cleaning West Palm Beach in Florida known as National Carpet cleaning has been a staple in the community since 1994! You can expect the same great service we give all our other cities in South Florida. Our team of professionals will get your carpets cleaned with a friendly smile on their face. Here are some reasons why our cleaning is top notch.

Our Carpet cleaning equipment is of the highest quality.

What makes us number 1 is our professional steam cleaning team uses $60,000 large, heavy motor vehicles that run the power straight out of the engines. A lot of companies will tell you that they can do the same with bolted on units like this one.

Bad Carpet Cleaning

Bad Carpet Cleaning

Our truck mounted units will assure you that you won’t need to call anybody else. Check out what our machines look like here!

Truck mounted unit

Truck mounted unit

Carpet Cleaning West Palm Beach

Carpet Cleaning West Palm Beach

Just imagine the difference in cleaning power between this monster cleaner of a machine, powered by our motors to the little portable ones. The power pressure that our steam cleaners produce is over 272.155 kilograms of pressure. The competition is crushed by National Carpet Cleaning over and over again!

What type of technicians works for us?

Our carpet cleaner technicians are friendly, well-mannered and trained professionals that will make sure the job is performed to the highest standards. They come to you in uniform so that you know they come from National Carpet.

Do we come out for a free carpet cleaning in West Palm Beach FL evaluation test?

Absolutely, we wouldn’t be the best carpet cleaners in West Palm Beach Florida if we couldn’t test our top equipment for you to see before you commit to us. We will keep in touch in three days to check on our job and service to make sure you are satisfied with our work.

You can email us at,  or just call us directly our friendly staff will be here to answer your questions and needs!

Best Rug Cleaning West Palm Beach FL

Our area rug cleaning will leave you speechless with the soft and gentle way we clean these high-quality rugs. We specialize in Persian rugs, Oriental rugs, Silk rugs, or any Rugs you might want to preserve like new.  You’ve attempted with the rest now attempt with the BEST, let us turned out some of the best work, and we will give you a FREE TEST to demonstrate it to you.

Upholstery Cleaning West Palm Beach FL

When you have children or pets you know your upholstery can get somewhat filthy. Try not to stress simply call our experts at National Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, we will reestablish your upholstery furniture like is new! Give us a chance to enable you to expand the life of your lounge chair or any upholstery. We clean all textures! There is no texture that we can’t leave spotless! Every maker prescribes a specific cleaning technique AND WE DO THEM ALL!

Water restoration in West Palm Beach FL

If you have a water flooding emergency, please give us a call as soon as possible! Time is of most importance in these type of situation. Our team will work thru your insurance making sure you can get back to normal A.S.A.P.

Give us a call Now!


Improve Your Carpet Cleaning Experience with some tips

Often the carpet is one of the most popular materials used on flooring surfaces and creates a nice setting in all rooms. The fabrics can get worn down because of places of high traffic and stains. If you need National Carpet Cleaning for your home or business, there are some important steps you can take to make the cleaning better.

Call if you are going to run late or reschedule

Most companies require to call ahead of time to cancel an appointment or they will charge you the full price. We know of companies that use this policy, so make sure you call the carpet company to let them know you had an emergency. National Carpet Care lets you reschedule for another day if needed.

Vacuum the Carpet Floors

Even though you contracted professionals that will clean the carpets and rugs and get rid of dirt and stains on the carpet. You might need to vacuum up breadcrumbs, hair, and trash before they get there. Clean-up your carpet beforehand enables them to do a better job of cleaning dirt that has settled deeper into the fibers of the rug and carpet. It’s also important to dust your house and wipe the edges and corners to prevent the area from becoming dirty again when the professionals clean the carpet.

Note Areas of carpet spills and stains.

Most residences have locations where spilled wine, drinks or high areas of visitors that look more broken down. Note areas of points that need extra care to ensure that the specialists know the areas to invest more time cleaning in. Point out the areas where they should focus on ensuring that flooring looks new again and restored to the original condition.

Move Furniture for better cleaning

Some Carpet companies will ask you to move furniture to access to the whole floor so areas won’t be missed. If you can’t move the furniture, let the company know. Take the items you can move out to non-cleaning areas. This will assure you the best cleaning possible. We also suggest lifting drapes or curtains away from the ground to stop them from holding the cleaning equipment.

Remove expensive breakable objects

If you have expensive objects that can drop and break we suggest to save guard them in areas of non-cleaning. Not that professionals are clumsy but if you own valuables that might interfere cleaning it might be a good idea to move them. These can be vases and picture frames valuable to you.

We suggest having activities plan during the cleaning

Enjoy a read or playing a handheld video game suits you more, to entertain you while the cleaning process takes place. This will keep you entertained during the cleaning. We also recommend if you own pets, provide a place for them to pass the time. Please make sure you can provide parking for the cleaning trucks.

In conclusion, none of this is mandatory, but it will make your experience and results better. If you would like to know what requirements for certification standards you can read the IICRC.