Best Carpet Cleaning

 Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

Best Carpet Cleaning

Best Carpet Cleaning

Best Carpet cleaning method refers to the beautification of carpet by removing dirt, stains, grit, and allergens from it. A carpet is beautified to make it healthier, longer lasting and visually pleasing too. There are two different ways of removing stains from a carpet. These are called traditional and modern methods of cleaning. There is a professional carpet cleaning industry which follows some carpet cleaning standards. It employs some basic professional cleansing methodologies. Nowadays steam carpet cleaning has become the most popular and widely accepted method though other methods of carpet cleaning also do have some merits. Some other methods popular in the carpet cleaning industry are dry cleaning, encapsulation, and green based chemical technology, but not as good. Here are some carpets cleaning methods which are gaining ground in this industry.

Steam carpet cleaning with Hot water extraction

Steam carpet cleaning, the most popular method, involves a detergent based solutions at the first instance. It is followed by application of automatic or manual cleaning tool over the carpet to rinse out all the dust and particulates. Sometimes emulsifiers are sprayed over the carpet before the steam cleaning. It helps break the films that bind the soil over the carpet. Dry cleaning has also been found very effective in removing stains. For dry cleaning, there is a specialized machine. It is a less labor intensive technique which cleans the carpet faster.

Dry cleaning is not as effective in removing stains. Just think about the dry method not providing hot steam and there is your answer!

Other Methods not so good are the following

Encapsulation cleaning

Encapsulation has recently been found not as good of a method of its cleaning. This process of cleaning is used to create a crystalline of soil deposited on the carpet which can be quickly vacuumed. This is widely used for the maintenance of home and commercial carpets. Then there is a method in which bonnet is used to scrub the carpet with a mixture of club soda and cleaning product is sprayed over its surface. But this process is not very effective as it cleans only the top part of the carpet. Cleaning with shampoo is also very popular in which a rotary machine followed by wet vacuuming is applied.

As many good methods are out there, we here at National carpet care always recommend the steam cleaning method over everything. The results we have seen over the other methods is why we only use the steam way. Don’t be fooled by companies saying they are steam cleaners and the y are not! Give us a call to find out why steam is the way to go.

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