Are All Carpet Cleaning Companies The Same?

The carpet cleaning industries has a lot of reputable companies such as National Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning. But in this industry there is also a lot of confusion and snake oil tactics some may say. So what we are going to do today is separate the truth from the lies.

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Types of carpet cleaning.

There is two types of ways that companies clean carpet, I would call it the right way and wrong way. Let’s begin with the wrong way. There is a lot of companies that use bolted Kubota engines and they sell themselves as “steam cleaning company” when they are not! Why is this so important to you when hiring a local carpet cleaning company? Well, if you are interested in just removing the top level dirt then any bolted on machine will do. But to remove all the dirt plus bacteria, fungus and chemicals than we suggest you go with a truck mounted hot water unit like we use at National carpet cleaning. We don’t just want a clean looking carpet, we want a healthy allergen free clean carpet. Let me give you a quick example, you wouldn’t brush off your jeans and called them clean right? You probably use a washer with detergent in hot water, why wouldn’t you do that for your precious carpets? You would wouldn’t you. Now we will go into details why portable carpet cleaners fail to deliver.

Portable carpet cleaners don’t heat up the water they usually run with your faucet and we all know hot water from faucets usually don’t go over 120 degrees. Even worse by the time it reaches your carpet it is at a much lower temperature, usually around 30 degrees colder. Our 60,000.00 lb. truck mounted units’ heat up the water at around 220 degrees and by the time they reach your carpet is around 190 to 170 degrees. This creates better cleaning because it helps break down soil, grease and other spots for a much complete tougher cleaning.

The other difference is power is big and this saves time and money for you. By not going over and over on the same carpet spot the technicians will finish the job faster. A carpet should also be rinsed out of any solution used completely for effective cleaning. The high-temperature solution will easily penetrate thru the carpet and the powerful suction will remove it completely. The risk of damage with this method is virtually nonexistent, as there will be less strokes to get the job done decreasing the amount of wear and tear. We see a lot of scams offering a low price solution to unsuspecting clients if you have any more questions just reach out to Barbara at National carpet & upholstery cleaning.

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